Katalog is a CD organizer for the K Desktop Environment

katalog mime icon If you have many CD and tons of downloaded files, but you aren't able to remember where you put a file when you need it, then Katalog may help you. With this application you can scan a CD and store all the data about each file in a tree structured catalog. You can add as many catalogs as you like. Searching through the catalogs it's easy and fast. The folder to search can be on your drive or on a removable media, such a CD, ZIP or floppy. Katalog indenxes info about files using SQlite for fast and relaible operations. It's even possible to import/export using an XML file (the "old" format), and generate reports in HTML.

katalog folder icon I start to write this application trying to port the excellent KDE 1.x application kdiskcat to KDE 3.x, but the part of the KDE API involved is changed radically so I start to write Katalog from scratch. In the first revision of the application I tried to mimic the graphic interface and the features of kdiskcat. Soon I found two better alternatives of Katalog: gtktalog and CdCat, So I changed my plans and I write a brand-new Katalog fully integrated in KDE.

katalog item icon Integration is the keyword of this application, in fact you can think of it as a plugin for KDE. Do not expect a cool graphical interface, Katalog is designed to be a software that "just works" with the "Keep It Simple" motto in mind. All operations are accessible using standard KDE applications: Konqueror, KFind, KFile Chooser. This because cataloging files is not a fun job and nobody wants to learn how to use a monster applications to do this. Furthermore integrating it with the rest of the Desktop Enviroment permits to access cataloged informations when you need it, without stopping your workflow.

Katalog is NOT a desktop search application, there are already (too) many of them: beagle, strigi, kat ... Katalog is born to index files on removable medias (expecially CDs), a task usually hard to achieve with other indexers. Anyway I track closely the development of desktop search and soon or later katalog functionalities will be merged into them (I hope ...).