25/12/2006 | Version 0.4
The transition to database is complete with import/export functions for the old XML format, I have tested extensivelly this functions to avoid data losses. I have tested MySql as a database, everything works ok (See Tips for instructions on how to change default db engine, let me know if you use a different engine). It's possible to export even to HTML format.
See the previous changelog for other changes.
Note: as for other releases this one installs several configuration files for konqueror you my need to kill each running instance of it to enable all functionalities, you can achieve this with a logoff/login procedure.
26/04/2006 | Version 0.4-preview
The main change of this release is migration from an XML file format to a database (Currently I have tested only SQLite3 but nothing stops from using any other DB that Qt supports). Old file format is supported, currently only reading (just click on your old files to navigate it) but import/export function are work in progress. The navigation of catalogs is greatly simplified: now you can find a katalog folder in Konqueror sidebar in the services tab, from there you can find all catalogs and an experimental navigation through mimetypes.
Last but not least the catalog creation widget now shows a progress indicator with the possibility to stop current jobs.
Note: since this new version installs several configuration files for konqueror so you may need to kill each running instance of it to enable all functionalities, you can achieve this with a logoff/login procedure.
21/11/2004 | Version 0.3
The third release and the second rewrite, the file format is more rich but the old type is supported, metainfos are included in the *.katalog file, dcop interface is the keyword of this release. Now katalog is a library, a dcop server and three dcop clients (kfile plugin, service menu, kioslave). All katalog functionalities are accessible from command line through dcop. Rename and Delete actions are supported.
05/05/2004 | Version 0.2
The second release and the first rewrite, more ambitious than before trying to reproduce all the functionality of the 0.1 in an application fully integrated in Konqueror and KDE. It looses some feature: category support, it breaks compatibility with the previous file format but it gains integrations, performance and stability. Now it's a modular application including a library, a kioslave and a service menu.
22/05/2003 | Version 0.1.1
The never seen release, it includes some bug fix and a couple of translations. A change in my life (work and city) caused an undefined delay in the release.
26/04/2003 | Version 0.1
The first release of katalog, an ambitious start: new file type, new GUI, integrated search dialog, category support.