Documentation for Katalog 0.4

Brief interface description

Katalog does not have an interface: the applications is hidden in Konqueror. To create a catalog simply right click on a folder or a device, choose the menu Action->Create Catalog and a dialog pops up, fill the required info and wait a moment, soon you have a fresh *.katalog file that you can explore or search using the Katalog entry in the services sidebar of Konqueror. Uhm ... it seems easy ... :-)

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Creating a catalog

Now let's start with your first Katalog. Right click on the folder or deviceyou want to catalog and follow the menu Action->Create Catalog. Choose a name for the catalog (spaces are allowed) and the file where to save the catalog (if you choose an existing katalog file the content are appended to it).

If you want to explore the content of zip/tar files you have in the folder check Scan inside archive(s).

If you want to store meta info about files (like MP3 tags of HTML title) check Store Meta Info of files.

Click OK and wait, when the catalog is ready a popup informs you.

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Exploring the katalog

After installing Katalog you have a "Katalog" service in the Konqueror sidebar. The files indexed are accessible through the standard folder structure or through their mimetype.

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Searching a file

To search a file choose the menu Tools->Find in Konqueror, type katalog:/ In the URL field and choose the search criteria (meta info are allowed if you create the catalog checking "Store Meta Info of files").

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Editing a Katalog

You can Delete/Rename every entry of a Katalog file, Sometimes you have to update the Konqueror view hitting F5 key.

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How to install Katalog

If you can find a package for your distribution in the download section, you can try to install Katalog from sources, it's not so difficult:

To compile the application use the standard sequence:

            tar xzf katalog-xx.tar.gz
            cd katalog-xx
            make install (you must be root here)
Katalog needs the following packages: If you install from sources you probably need the -dev packages also.

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