Katalog News

25/12/2006 | Katalog 0.4 is out
After a too much long debug fase the new stable version of Katalog is out. Find in the changelog section the list of new features. If you package my little program let me know
26/04/2006 | Katalog is back with a new version
With a bit of delay I'm glad to present the new version of my little application, many new feature are present, do not expect much hide candy but the traditional and improved KDE integration, please note that this is only a preview address to some brave soul that desire to help me in testing. The application is quite stable (I hope) but not every feature is completed. Have fun
27/07/1974 | The Katalog site changes look
Preparing for the release of the upcoming 0.4 release I rewrote this site, making it more clear to navigate and more pleasing to see.