What is Management Operating System (MOS)?

The Management Operating System is a component of the Novell Client Tools that provides the interface to manage the product throughout its lifecycle. It becomes active when you add Management Service in your configuration.

That means, when you add management service in your ZCM client then MOS becomes active and when you delete it from your ZCM client then MOS gets deactivated.

In short, MOS provides the central management support to the Novell Client Tools product suite using a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that allows you to manage all aspects of the Novell Client Tools from various domains and servers.

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How we can remove Management Operating System?

You can remove Management Operating System using the “Add/Remove Programs” of your system. But, if you are unable to successfully uninstall the MOS then it is recommended that you delete all components manually. You can also try this for any product suite of Novell client tools which consists of management service.

Where we can find Management Operating System?

If you have not yet deleted your MOS then it should be available under “Add/Remove Programs” of your system. If you don’t use it then you may delete that from that place. Else, if MOS is already present but for some reasons, you wish to remove the same then go to the following locations and delete the same.

0) Go to “C:\Program files” of your system and check if there is a folder called as “Novell management service”. If yes then remove it.

1) Now open registry editor by going through the path given below:-

  • Start > Run > Type “regedit” > Click OK.
  • Go through the path of ” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Novell/Mgmt Operating System “.

2) Restart your system after removing Novell Mgmt Service. If you are unable to restart it then go to the same location and delete the sub-folders one by one.